Laser focus your firm

Laser focus your firm webinar

How focussing your firm on efficiency will lead to greater profits

In the last few months the world has changed and adapted in way we could not foresee. Businesses had to do whatever they could to survive the new world. As this becomes the new norm we need to look at how to make staff, clients and services as profitable as they can be in order to not just survive but thrive.

In this 60 minute webinar James Bowers-Lee from Thomson Reuters will look at:–

  • Pinpointing best practices, sharing knowledge and utilising niche skills from your staff, helping them grow in an environment that may previously not have been condusive to this.
  • Working for your clients has always been important but now you need them to work with you, assigning tasks and getting them to be efficient. Providing the right tools to clients can bring great results for you and them.
  • Making sure you are making the most from your services, looking at outsourcing and technology to help you adapt, compete and be better future proofed.

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