Indirect TaxSmart indirect tax software solutions with real-time tax calculation and advanced VAT compliance reporting.

Confidently manage VAT, GST, and global sales and use taxes— no matter where in the world you do business

Whether your company is a small to medium sized organisation that is focused on domestic VAT returns or a large multinational managing compliance across multiple jurisdictions, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax technology provides a simpler, automated approach to solving complex global tax challenges. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solutions deliver proven results that help corporations eliminate the risks associated with indirect tax calculation, reporting, and compliance.

With ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solutions, your corporation can:

  • Keep up with the complexity of new indirect tax regulations, such as Making Tax Digital and place of supply VAT rules
  • Manage tax calculations and returns across multiple international tax jurisdictions
  • Enable automated data collection and import in a variety of ways to ensure data integrity from numerous data sources
  • Seamlessly connect to your existing ERP, CRM, e-commerce, or POS platform to make sure tax calculation and compliance is consistent across your business globally
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Discover our suite of Indirect Tax software for corporations

Make future-focussed, data-driven decisions from one connected platform. Prioritise tasks, automate manual effort, monitor projects, and track due dates across the entire tax department.


Intuitive cloud-based software that helps your company manage its distinct VAT, GST, and supplementary compliance reporting in one central environment.

Indirect tax compliance software


Software that determines VAT, GST, and sales and use tax your company owes globally, using the latest rates and rules.

Indirect tax determination software

Indirect Tax ERP Integrations

Integrate ONESOURCE Determination with ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP, as well as custom integrations that work with your business’ specific financial applications.

Indirect tax ERP integrations

Confidence in compliance

Our ONESOURCE Indirect Tax global software suite provides fully integrated, end-to-end business process automation. This real-time global solution integrates tax rates, product taxability rules, jurisdictional boundaries, determination, calculation, and recording with financial applications to provide the highest degree of accuracy.

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