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By 2020, HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative will mean that businesses and individual taxpayers can access their own tax affairs online via digital tax accounts. This new digital world brings both challenges and opportunities for accountants in practice.

So, how do you find out what impact MTD will have on you and your clients? How can you begin to plan for quarterly updates? We’ve created a single resource for UK accountants in practice with clear information, valuable insight, and trusted answers from industry-leading experts.

What is Making Tax Digital?
How can you turn Making Tax Digital into an opportunity? (4:43) This short film from Thomson Reuters provides insight from accountants in practice and leading industry experts on HMRC's Making Tax Digital initiative, the benefits it could bring for accountants and their clients, and how it will transform the tax and accounting industry.

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Understand our software for Making Tax Digital, which is part of HMRC’s MTD Pilot.

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If you are using Digita Personal Tax, you can apply for HMRC’s Pilot Program for Making Tax Digital.

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Frequently asked questions on Making Tax Digital answered by our resident expert, Mark Purdue.

What is Making Tax Digital?