ONESOURCE Statutory ReportingSimplify corporate financial reporting with our accounts production software


Simplify the creation of your statutory financial statements

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting is the corporate financial reporting software that can cater to every company and client statutory requirement.

Emphasising efficiency throughout the accounts preparation process, ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting provides you with flexible, easy-to-use reports. Our platform provides you with control over the information and data within your accounts — including the ability to maintain a corporate standard throughout your organisation. ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting equips you with a smart and intuitive way to comply with your reporting requirements.

Ready for UK Statutory Reporting Under New Standards - FRS 101/102

From 1 January 2015 the framework for UK Reporting will change, with companies having to adopt a new standard for accounting periods commencing on or after that date. Both “New UK GAAP” (FRS102) & “IFRS with Reduced Disclosures” (FRS101) will represent a major change for most organizations, and many organizations are yet to take the decision as to which standard they will choose.

Transitioning to FRS 101 and FRS 102?

Key aspects you need to consider when migrating to the new statutory financial reporting standards and how technology helps FRS 101 & 102 - Learn More

What is clear is that the finance department will be faced with the challenge of how to report under these new accounting standards. In support of our customers, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has launched templates for the new Standards, harnessing the proven technology of our market leading accounts & iXBRL compliance software, ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting.

Improve efficiency with our accounts production software

  • Automation - Save time and increase accuracy when preparing your reports with automatic rounding, note/page numbering, referencing, and roll-forward process. You will also be able to generate supporting workpapers that link your source data to your report.
  • One-time data capture - Capture and store your data in one location to stop re-keying errors, changes need only be made once to be reflected throughout your reports.
  • Accounting standards disclosure updates - New and updated disclosures can be quickly applied to your reports, enabling you to easily keep up to date with changes to accounting standards.

Take control of your corporate financial reporting

  • Complete audit trail - Standard workpapers help substantiate your reports by providing a full audit trail from your trial balance, including adjustments, to your reports.
  • Automated iXBRL tagging – All GAAP and IFRS templates are pre-tagged with the full iXBRL taxonomies.
  • Integration - ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting integrates with ONESOURCE Corporate Tax, pulling data through from the statutory reports and populating the schedules of the tax computations.
  • Maintenance of corporate standards - Maintain the accuracy, quality, and consistency of your corporate reports by controlling the updates to common notes and disclosures across your group.

Enjoy flexibility with company financial statements analysis and reporting

  • Flexible disclosures - Insert and customise new disclosures in your reports using our standard templates, or create and control your own specific disclosures.
  • Smart table editor - Our smart table editor provides a user-friendly, intuitive way to tailor your tables, choosing what information to disclose and change formatting.
  • Create formulas and variables - Create and control your own formulas and variables to link and reference data throughout your reports.

Streamline Multi-Country Statutory Reporting with ONESOURCE

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting standardises the process of creating statutory financial reports through a centralised platform with a global function. We provide a standard global tool with the local language and local regulations for each country, ensuring you will meet your local compliance needs more efficiently and effectively. Updates from the trustworthy experts allow you to redirect time you’d normally spend on research, formatting and burdensome manual work.

Learn more about giving your statutory reporting a boost with this free eBook.

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