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The new era of client collaboration

Accountancy Practices, Technology, Workflow & Processes October 10, 2019

We have partnered with AccountingWEB to produce a two-part podcast series focusing on client collaboration. In the first part we get the perspective of two individuals who know their stuff when it comes to working more efficiently with clients – Ian Cooper, product manager non-tax products at Thomson Reuters, and Chris Dodd, partner at Beresfords Chartered Accountants.

Collaborative accounting enables firms and clients to work in real time – removing the restrictions of time and distance to collaborate with one another and complete tasks more efficiently than ever before. And, yes, this is possible if the right technologies are in place to support it, so firms can offer immediate responses to questions and exchange data and documents with their clients.

During the podcast our panellists discuss this new era of client collaboration, Dodd focuses on the impacts it has on an accountant in practice, diving into the more practical, day-to-day tactics that could be done and how he created a system for client collaboration from the ground up.

Cooper also covers some of the most common pain points for accountants looking to improve client collaboration, and how to overcome them.

Listen to the conversation in full by clicking here and stay tuned for part 2!