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When is the best time to change accounting software?

Accountancy Practices, Accounting, Business Strategy & Development February 1, 2019

Wondering when is the best time to change accounting software? Perhaps you’ve started your own accountancy practice, business is good and your client numbers look positive for the year ahead. Maybe you’re using software which performs the basic functions, but have begun to realise its limitations as your clients become more complex. Whether you’ve laid down the groundwork and researched various solutions, or still in the early stages of considering a change – how do you know when the best time is to switch?

Determining the best time to change accounting software

1 When it syncs with your business growth plan

If you feel a bit vague about this concept, then it is time to map out some key objectives and timescales in a detailed business growth plan. Even a sole practitioner should align any investment in software with forecasts for projected growth. Perhaps you are not yet ready for the switch and would benefit by waiting until it fits better with your business growth plan – our advisors will not try to sell you a product if they feel your practice is not at a stage to reap the rewards of an integrated system.

2 When your current software holds you back

Perhaps you’ve used particular software in a previous role at a different firm, and know that certain tasks can be automated, taking up less of your valuable time. According to our recent survey of 345 UK accountants, 59% believe they will spend less time on personal tax compliance tasks over the next 10 years. A sure sign that you’ve outgrown your current software is when you’re spending more time in excel than your dedicated solution! It is sensible to select software with sufficient functionality and scalability which also has knowledgeable and UK-based training and support staff.

3 When the time of year permits

Few in this industry experience a definitive lull in workload at a certain time of year, but many accountants looking to change accounting software choose to do so at year-end. This is because it presents a clean break before starting reports for the new year. However, this may not be for everyone because staff may be engaged with all the usual year-end tasks. Making the switch when you have the bandwidth to give it your full attention is advised – getting your data ‘fit’ for migration is a project which is worth doing beforehand to save yourself time later down the line.

4 When you can get a good deal

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? We certainly do, which is why we have a great deal for on our efficiency packs for new users. Be sure to do your research for the best long-term deal and watch out for high price hikes year-on-year which tie you in. Contact us for more information.

5 When you have had enough of your current provider!

Whether you have had enough of poor customer service, extortionate price hikes and/or your account manager seems to always be on holiday, then today is the day to start looking for an alternative. If you’re tired of using several non-integrated providers, start looking for a more efficient solution for your growing practice.


If you think the time is ripe to make the switch, find a software provider you can trust who can convert your client data with minimal disruption to your business. Learn from accountants who have changed their accounting software successfully and have benefitted from industry-leading local support.