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Save time during tax season with SA100 software

Accountancy Practices, Accounting, Personal Tax February 13, 2018

Congratulations if you’ve made it through another tax season! While everyone else started their new year attempting various new diets and exercise regimes, it’s possible you found yourself looking for new tax software…and even new clients.Perhaps you found yourself chasing clients for information until the very last minute while vowing not to repeat the same process as last year. You weren’t alone – last year a total of 9.24 million tax returns were filed online, with 13.9 submissions per second on 28 January, the busiest day for filing (

Staying on top of your tax work can be a major challenge, particularly when you’re trying to run a profitable practice. However, staying organised and using reliable tax software really does make life much easier when it comes to staying in control of your clients’ self-assessment tax returns.

SA100 tax software is the quickest and easiest way for accountants to manage self-assessment tasks, from submitting a tax return to remembering those all-important deadline dates. Once you’ve received the information you need from your client, software removes some of the annual compliance burden by automating many manual tasks.

The sleep deprived, coffee-fueled month of January needn’t be the norm! Watch our 2-minute video below to see how to easy it is to complete your client’s tax return and easily file online to HMRC with SA100 software.

See these steps in more detail:

  • Automatically populate client information into templates.
  • Use a review tool to compare data with the prior year.
  • Submit an initial test copy to HMRC for thorough checks.
  • Finalise the tax return, confirming each stage of the process as you go.

Choosing the right software for your practice doesn’t have to be stressful either. If your tax season could’ve been better, talk to one of our friendly staff to find the right solution for your practice.