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International tax research solutions providing clear focus in a changing tax landscape

The world of international tax is constantly evolving. With seismic shifts in the field such as OECD BEPS, Multilateral Instruments, VAT, GST and country laws changing the cross border practice like never before, there are new layers of tax transparency as tax jurisdictions are joining forces to move towards common approaches. Rapid changes are taking place and you need to keep up to date to provide the best advice and counsel during these challenging times.

If that's not complex enough, there is greater public awareness about multinational tax practices — and growing cynicism as to whether companies are paying their “fair share.” The days of simply identifying a strategy that resulted in the lowest effective tax rate are gone. Now you need to make sure your approach is legally defensible, operationally optimised and safeguards your reputation, which is where international tax research solutions from Thomson Reuters can help.

Don’t just keep up – stay ahead with our market leading international tax solutions

Provide your company with the versatility to adapt to this changing environment. Leveraging the purpose-built international tax research solutions and resources from Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, you can:

  • Become more broadly versed across a range of new international tax considerations
  • Surface more options for your business
  • Quantify the impact of complex tax rules on current or planned business activities
  • Perform internal vetting to rule out obvious non-starters

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint international tax research includes laws, treaties and in-depth primary source content coupled with expert editorial analysis and insights, up-to-date current awareness news and research tools that help bring each jurisdiction's tax and business environment to life.

Free up time to strategically work through regulatory change and refocus your energy on the implications to your company or clients.

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Is your global tax strategy able to withstand the sea of change? (4:21) See how Thomson Reuters Checkpoint can help.

International Tax Research Solutions

Global and Regional Coverage

Align your international tax research, compliance and planning needs across all of your global businesses with coverage of over 120 jurisdictions and a full range of research materials and tools on one easy-to-use platform.

Get complete and updated tax and business laws for over 180 jurisdictions translated into English, including links to relevant government websites.

Get the clarity and perspective you need to stay ahead of evolving legislation with the Checkpoint World International Tax Updates and Alerts


See beyond the surface of the OECD BEPS Action Plan and better understand its impact on your organisation. This customisable dashboard offers side-by-side coverage of the latest BEPS developments for all 15 Action Items in 48 countries.

Make the most of global investment opportunities by identifying and tracking credits and incentives that apply to your industry and specific business circumstances. Includes more than 20 credit types for close to 60 countries around the world.

Transfer Pricing

Quickly research a range of transfer pricing rules from multiple countries, make comparisons, draw initial conclusions and create reports and memoranda to document transfer pricing issues impacting your entities around the world.


Streamline your FATCA research with a comprehensive collection of primary source materials, over a dozen international tax journals, daily coverage of new developments and all of the expert guidance and analysis you need to understand and comply with FATCA reporting rules.