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Complete audits faster, from anywhere

Cloud Audit Suite introduces a new era of audit solutions to confidently manage and complete audits faster with intuitive workflows that guide you through every step of the process. Our proven methodology, timely guides, and relevant templates help to ensure your audits comply with current UK quality standards. By relying on cloud-based technology, you can securely work from anywhere and access audit data online that updates stakeholders in real time. And this is only the beginning for Cloud Audit Suite from Thomson Reuters.

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Where efficiency meets quality

Seamless workflow

Confidently complete audits faster from a single solution with intuitive workflows that guide you every step of the way.

Leading methodology

Ensure your audits comply with current UK audit standards with relevant guides and templates by widely recognised experts.

Cloud-based technology

Securely access your audit online from anywhere with a modern solution that updates your data and stakeholders in real time.

Secure confimations

Manage your online confirmation process with Thomson Reuters Confirmation - available within the Cloud Audit Suite platform.

We surveyed over 250 auditors after busy season 2022.
Here’s what they told us:

69% of cloud-based technology users said more than half of their work is done in the cloud.

Top goals for 2022:

1. Increase efficiency in audit

2. Implement new technology

3. Improve the client experience

43% of those not currently using cloud-based technology plan on implementing it into their audit process in the next 2-5 years.

Top concerns for 2022:

1. Audit regulations and how they will affect existing audit processes

2. Implementing new technology to improve processes

3. Increase productivity within the audit process

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