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Are you over-reliant on spreadsheets?

How to balance your tax technology and Excel

Over-reliant on spreadsheets?

It is hard to imagine a business that does not use spreadsheets, but reports with errors derived from over-reliance or misuse of spreadsheets are commonplace and this can have a significant impact on company finances and reputation. Not to mention the impact on data security, transparency and productivity.

In our 2019 European Tax Technology Survey, only 11% of respondents believe they can still be effective by relying on manual processes and spreadsheets. However, as new digital reporting regulations are introduced and authorities demand more information, more frequently, many more organisations will need to use modern software solutions to remain compliant.

Best-in-class tax departments have already discovered a safer option: tax technology – designed to meet their complex needs today, and to evolve to meet their future needs whatever happens next, while supporting the appropriate use of spreadsheets.

Assess your organisation’s exposure to the risks of spreadsheet-related issues and ensure you are using the right tools for each tax and accounting job.

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