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Mind the data gap: Automating indirect tax processes

Mind the data gap

As governments around the world make increasing use of indirect taxation, technology is helping authorities to capture huge amounts of data to improve their processes and address tax evasion. As this adds more complexity to an already complex tax arena, businesses are required to think more strategically as they invest in smarter technology and qualified people.

This special report will address at the challenges posed by the evolving tax arena, how these are driving investment and innovation, and the opportunities this provides. We look at how automating the indirect tax management process helps tax professionals focus on activities that add real value to the business.

Developed in collaboration with our experienced team of experts, this special report demonstrates that with the right technology, tax teams have an opportunity to play a strategic role in their organisation, manage compliance process and create a single source of truth.

Best-in-class tax departments have already discovered a safer option: tax technology – designed to meet their complex needs today, and to evolve to meet their future needs whatever happens next, while supporting the appropriate use of spreadsheets.

Assess your organisation’s exposure to the risks of spreadsheet-related issues and ensure you are using the right tools for each tax and accounting job.

Download our eBook today and learn about the risks and potential consequences of over-reliance on spreadsheets and the opportunities that tax technologies provide.

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