Mitigating risk: Transforming R2R processes for enhanced compliance (48:51) Watch our on-demand webinar with SSON to explore enhancing R2R processes for better compliance and efficiency. Gain insights and actionable strategies.

Mitigating risk: Transforming R2R processes for enhanced compliance

Uncover the metrics for successful record to report services and quickly improve statutory reporting

Key takeaways:

  1. Driving change - Understand the key factors that are transforming R2R processes today.
  2. Overcoming barriers - Identify common obstacles that prevent businesses from reaping the benefits of process centralisation.
  3. Leveraging technology - Discover how to utilise technology, automation, and shared services to achieve accurate, timely, and compliant reporting.
  4. Actionable strategies - Gain practical strategies to optimise your R2R processes and drive your organisation forward.


Briony Kempton
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Thomson Reuters
Briony Kempton is the product marketing lead for Direct Tax at Thomson Reuters, working closely with our customers and internal teams to define and deliver the future strategy and roadmap. Our internal customer champion, Briony ensures we develop core ONESOURCE functionality that aligns with our clients’ changing needs. Before coming to Thomson Reuters, Briony was an Audit Director at EY.
Barbara Hodge
Global Editor and Industry Analyst
SSON Research & Analytics
Barbara is responsible for SSON Research & Analytics global content — including specialist reports — which cements SSON's position as the most trusted resource for practitioners from around the world. As the voice of SSON Research & Analytics, she ensures the content reflects current trends and opportunities to help SSO leaders continuously drive performance.
Mark Boakes
Client Advisory and Strategy Consultant
Thomson Reuters
Mark Boakes is our Finance Transformation specialist focused on our large multinational clients, giving guidance and direction on how leveraging the latest technology can enable the centralisation of Statutory Reporting. Previously, he served as the Programme Manager of Statutory Consolidation and Reporting at General Electric (GE). Over three years there, he centralised the reporting process into the Global Business Service Centre for over 50 countries. This best practice development is now core to our implementation delivery.