How Indirect Tax Technology can shape tomorrow’s tax departments

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

The agenda for business leadership is changing, particularly in light of Covid-19, Brexit, technological advances and immense global political and socioeconomic changes [which present a paradigm shift in society and taxation]. The creation of a European VAT regime has also triggered a series of indirect taxes making indirect taxation more prominent. And with tax authorities demanding stricter reporting requirements and increasing transparency in the taxation system, embracing new indirect technological tax advances and new ways of working are ever more critical.

Attend this interactive webinar and hear how our esteemed customers have overcome the challenges over the last few months and how they are using technology to transform their business and cost centres into strategic profitable functions. Find out lessons learnt and the steps they took to drive efficiencies.

You will also learn how to:

  • Put in place steps to deploy a successful profit centre
  • Enhance data and revenue collection seamlessly across your operations
  • Deploy best practice for the data tax journey
  • Secure buy in from appropriate stakeholders and have the right conversations

Event details


Tuesday 13th October

3:00pm-4:00pm BST


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