Global Tax Audit ManagerOrganised for every audit

When it comes to tax audits, details count. Get a clear picture of those details with ONESOURCE Global Tax Audit Manager. Our audit management software provides the consistency and organisation that corporate tax departments need to survive any tax audit — and even multiple simultaneous audits — with efficiency and ease.

Audit management made easier

ONESOURCE Global Tax Audit Manager introduces a new and modern experience to track global audit activity, identify tax risk and exposure, and report upstream in real-time with simple analytics and dashboards, helping tax professionals stay one step ahead.

ONESOURCE Global Tax Audit Manager

Enterprise companies often manage anywhere from 1 to 1,000 tax-related audits and controversies annually: numbers that continue to grow in today’s tax landscape. This places a heavy administrative burden on organisations leading to hours of lost productivity, missed deadlines, and costly penalties. ONESOURCE Global Tax Audit Manager eases this burden by operating as a central hub focused on intelligent data automation, powerful analytics, robust documentation, and global oversight. Organise, track, and report on every detail for tax audits and controversies across the organisation in a simple, intuitive way.

Dashboard Analytics

ONESOURCE Global Tax Audit Manager features a dashboard layer to gain insight and visibility into tax audit and controversies across your organisation. Dynamic heat maps provide country by country summaries of audit activity across all areas of tax in real time. See on-demand statuses of examinations, information requests, and upcoming due dates. Intuitive reports make communication and upstream reporting to leadership clear, accurate, and fast.

Streamlined Document Management

Cut manual efforts of managing important audit documents and files in half through streamlined document management in a central location. With audit-ready documentation and processes in place, audit cycle timelines are accelerated and results are easy to defend.

Global Management

With globally distributed tax teams that share the responsibility of the tax function, we offer a tool supporting over 30 languages and currencies eliminating obstacles to efficiently oversee audit activity on a global scale.