Practical steps to embrace technology for last minute Brexit ‘readiness’

Practical steps to embrace technology

2020 was meant to be the year of ‘Brexit Preparation’. With Covid-19 came unprecedented change throughout every supply chain – and many firms felt they had no option but to shelve Brexit planning.

Embracing appropriate technology can ease the burden and will enable you to focus on strategic elements that help you focus on business continuity, prevent reputational risks and penalties and delays on customs.

Access this on-demand webinar with guest speaker Lorenzo Rossetti, Director – Trade & Customs at KPMG, to understand how to remain compliant and up to date, enabling you to:

  • Understand the new trade and customs requirements/regulations
  • Ensure you have in place adequate trade compliance resources
  • Determine key steps to deploy appropriate technology
  • Secure buy-in and put together a strong business case
  • Prepare for the uncertainties of a post-Brexit world

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Tuesday 17 November

11:00-12:00 GMT

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