On-demand Webinar - Introducing our DAC6 compliance solution!

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

Taxing authorities worldwide are continuing to adopt and implement new rules and procedures as they respond to this new, global economy. At the forefront is the new EU mandatory disclosure regime, DAC6 (Directive 2018/822). Reporting starts this year and it impacts MNEs operating in the EU and fines are substantial. Non-compliance with DAC6 is not an option. Is your company prepared?

During this webinar our experts, Gratian Joseph, (Co-founder and CEO, Orbitax), Carol Chamberlin (Managing Director, Orbitax) and Dickson Alfred (Solution Consultant, Thomson Reuters) walk tax professionals through this new directive, obligations, as well as compliance solutions, including these top of mind questions:

  • can compliance be completely outsourced
  • can you use office tools to comply
  • can a well designed DAC6 compliance solution make a difference

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Tuesday 11 February

15:00 – 16:00 GMT

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