ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The Future of Global Financial Reporting: Why content and connectivity are the keys to success

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

Organisations and Shared Service Centres are feeling the impact from economic and regulatory trends at both a global and local level, resulting in continual assessment of the way they do business and keep up with compliance requirements.

This webinar examines what these challenges mean for businesses who must prepare and review financial statements in an increasingly digital world, and how to overcome them and achieve long-term success.

Staying on top of up-to-date local country regulations remains one of the key challenges to remaining complaint, yet other factors at play such as changing workforce dynamics and continual technological advancement need to be addressed.

This on-demand webinar explores the array of challenges faced by finance departments, and why they can only be met with an approach which leverages suitable technology.

As part of the global trend towards finance transformation, and as organisations look for new ways to drive savings and efficiencies, the time is ripe for statutory reporting to become centralised, standardised and automated.

As a solution to achieving consistent and standardised reports, we will show you how to future-proof your financial reporting process with the only global disclosure management tool on the market. See how to stay ahead of ever-changing regulation and produce financial reports seamlessly and securely from wherever you are working with the combined power of unrivalled content-based knowledge and trusted cloud technology from ONESOURCE.

Key takeaways:

  • What global financial reporting really means and why it matters to organisations and SSCs
  • Macro trends affecting the finance department
  • Why a harmonised approach with centralised data is a suitable long-term solution
  • How to reap the benefits of cloud technology for statutory reporting
  • What a good financial reporting process looks like and how to align it with the goals of your organisation

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Briony Kempton, Sr. Proposition Manager, Thomson Reuters
Sam Johnstone, Global Statutory Reporting - Solution Consultant, Thomson Reuters
Jigna Gosalia, Solution Consultant, Thomson Reuters

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