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Safely and efficiently exchange data with local governments for international

Connecting with customs authorities around the world is a complex process. Governments and global traders need a way to safely and efficiently exchange the data necessary for an international shipment. Importers and exporters must also understand the reporting requirements specific to that country, such as data format and system specifications. Our government connectivity solutions make it easy by establishing the connectivity needed to file directly with customs, while also ensuring compliance with country-specific rules and regulations. Our connectivity software currently supports declarations in the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

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ONESOURCE® Government Connectivity greatly simplifies the process of direct filing and provides visibility to trade data, allowing companies to mitigate their risk in incorrect filings where there is a dependence upon manual processes. Our software has established connections with governments around the world and is continually updated with country-specific filing requirements. The result is a faster flow of information throughout the supply chain. The software currently supports the following connections: ATLAS 9.0 Import (Germany), ATLAS AES 2.4 Export (Germany), CHIEF/CDS (UK including N. Ireland), DELTA-D/DELTA-G (France), PLDA (Belgium), AGS 3 (Netherlands), NCTS (Netherlands), Automated Broker Interface (U.S.), Automated Export System (U.S.), QP/WP (U.S.), Glosa (Mexico), SAAI (Mexico), VUCEM (Mexico), SISCOMEX (Brazil).

Why use ONESOURCE Government Connectivity?

Direct filing


Communicate with customs in a safe, secure manner while lowering the transaction costs between business and government.

Trade facilitation


Improve the quality and speed of customs filings, resulting in smoother border crossings.

Minimise risk

Enhanced compliance

Fulfil country-specific reporting requirements such as data format and system specifications.

Single platform


File declarations directly without ever leaving the ONESOURCE Global Trade platform.

Partner integration


Integrate with freight forwarders and 3PLs to reduce the unnecessary rekeying of shipment information.

Global trade content

Global trade content

Ensure compliance by leveraging up-to-date regulatory data for 210+ countries and territories.

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