Supply Chain ComplianceSupply chain compliance software that assesses, monitors, and manages your business partners

Increase visibility, manage trade compliance, and mitigate risks across the supply chain

As more goods travel across international borders and supply chains become more global in nature, it is imperative that companies have visibility into their supply chain operations. Companies need the ability to efficiently communicate, manage, and track all business partners within the global supply chain to identify and mitigate risks while increasing compliance. ONESOURCE Supply Chain Compliance solution is an integrated offering to increase visibility, manage compliance, and mitigate risks across the supply chain. The profile-driven workflow technology enables users to electronically route assessments, requests, and reminders across companies, departments, and individuals – reducing the cost and burden of managing a paper trail.

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ONESOURCE Supply Chain Compliance can be used to manage individual areas of risk — such as CTPAT, AEO, OEA, and others — or as a centralised platform to manage multiple areas of risk to provide a strategic view of business partner vulnerabilities globally. Communicate with your business partners in various languages, monitor suppliers’ risk profiles in real time, and assign custom weighted scores to assist in prioritising the highest areas of risk.

Why use ONESOURCE Supply Chain Compliance?

Greater visibility


Maintain supplier data for multiple areas of risk in one central repository.

Risk management


Identify vulnerability gaps to meet criteria for internal compliance, import safety, AEO, PIP, CTPAT, NEEC, and more.

Enhanced compliance


Provide feedback on vulnerabilities as surveys are completed and create immediate alerts on high-risk responses.

Quicker data collection


Collect business partner data on a single, web-based platform.

Maintain corporate responsibility

Maintain corporate responsibility

Ensure organisational policies on Social & Environmental Responsibilities (SER) and others are being met and filed.

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