Indirect Tax Integration for SAPRevolutionary SAP ERP integration delivers seamless global tax calculations

Powerful connections with SAP

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software integrates seamlessly with SAP ERP, delivering global transaction tax determination and support, offering the flexibility to scale with your growing multi-national business, and reducing the significant costs that are associated with indirect tax and compliance. The Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax integrations for SAP eliminate manual burdens and provide a centralised solution for companies to maintain all tax laws, rules and rates for over 190 countries seamlessly integrated into your SAP systems.

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Learn how Electronic Arts uses ONESOURCE Indirect Tax from Thomson Reuters (1:43) 

SAP Global Next for ONESOURCE Indirect Tax

Global Next, the newest version of the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for SAP, has been built from the ground up leveraging over 10 years of SAP tax automation implementation experience worldwide. Global Next reduces changes to SAP systems and IT coding requirements by up to 90%, giving global tax professionals and their IT departments more time to focus on what really matters.

Why use ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for SAP?

Streamlined set-up


Set up SAP tax codes only once, eliminating the creation of different tax codes every time tax rates change and the possibility of running out of tax codes.

Robust content


Keep up to date on the latest regulations from multiple global taxing authorities, as well as historical rate changes.

Seamless connection

Seamless connection

Integrate seamlessly with business transactions in Sales Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), and Financials (FI) for indirect tax calculations.

Goods movement


Calculate, accrue, and record U.S. use tax on SAP internal goods movements within the Material Management (MM) module.

Simplified processes

Simplified processes

Utilize new flexible field mapping, eliminating the need for extensive user-exit coding.

Powerful enhancements

Powerful enhancements

Take advantage of standard VAT reports, taxes on plants abroad configuration, and many other standard SAP features that require indirect tax calculations.

The power of a global tax solution, integrated with your systems

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