Indirect Tax Determination

Automate VAT determination with our sales and use tax software

Managing Indirect Tax Compliance Around the World

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax is the ONLY truly complete solution to handle sales and use tax, VAT and GST research, determination and compliance. Watch our video to explore how this is done, all on one reliable secure technology platform.

With the increased complexity of global VAT and other indirect taxes, many organisations are turning to the improved accuracy and cost-savings achieved from a specialised tax engine integrated to their ERP or finance systems.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination provides a unique worldwide solution for the efficient and consistent calculation and recording of your indirect tax liability. It is the only patented, fully integrated, end-to-end automation solution for GST, sales and use tax and VAT determination on the market. Our solution provides business-critical tax determination using timely tax content for the highest degree of accuracy – from transaction to remittance.

Sales and use tax software that offers a greater return on investment

Our indirect tax determination software integrates with your financial applications in real time so that all your enterprise-wide applications can use a single, scalable instance of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination to deliver more control, consistency, and repeatable processes.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination delivers a justifiable ROI and a truly automated solution that gives a consolidated, real-time view of transaction tax exposures worldwide. Our web-based solution determines your company’s liability for VAT, sales tax, use tax, GST, excise tax, and other country-specific taxes using the most current tax rates and rules, ensuring timely, accurate, and cost-effective compliance. And this can all be done no matter what business changes or tax law changes your company encounters.

Confidence in your indirect tax data

Our software can help you calculate state, local, country, and industry-specific indirect taxes with confidence and accuracy. Global tax research is the critical content piece that is built into our technology to ensure that your tax determination and compliance processes use the most up to date tax information and regulatory data. Our Global Indirect Tax Research team supports rates and rules for over 14,500 taxing authorities in the U.S. and in over 175 countries. It’s like having your own in-house global tax research team supporting your business. Our tax research processes and content subscription services have all successfully completed SSAE16 Type 2 and ISAE 3402 certifications so you can feel confident that your applications are using the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Simplify global VAT determination

Client sites in over 140 countries have implemented ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination. Thomson Reuters has helped organizations around the world simplify the tax compliance management process by reducing:

  • manual and time-consuming transaction processes
  • expensive compliance costs
  • errors associated with over- or under-assessing tax
  • potential penalties and interest
  • training non-tax professionals on tax policies
  • dependency on IT to update tax policy

Thomson Reuters not only provides patented technology for managing indirect tax processes and the most accurate tax content maintained by top domain experts all around the world, we also deliver higher degrees of tax compliance. Achieve the ultimate in end-to-end tax automation when you integrate our determination software to our ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance solution, to give you the power and flexibility to streamline monthly tax return processes.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax at Electronic Arts (Duration) 

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax at Electronic Arts

Learn how Electronic Arts uses ONESOURCE Indirect Tax from Thomson Reuters

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