Transfer Pricing Comparable Databases A smarter source of worldwide comparable company information


Transfer pricing comparables data without restrictions

Multinational corporations across the globe face unprecedented pressure to comply with transfer pricing documentation requirements. We understand that to reduce risk and achieve the highest practicable level of comparability, you need reliable, high-quality public, private and intangibles data to defend transfer prices. That’s why Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has made a significant investment to develop a centralised, integrated comparable company database solution useful and relevant for transfer pricing analysis. We call it a smarter source of worldwide comparable company data.

Your transfer pricing database of comparable company & intangible data

With one single sign-on, ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing gives you access to high quality public, private, and intangibles data for transfer pricing analysis.

Worldwide Public Company Data

The Worldwide Public Company Database includes over 70,000 publicly traded companies from over 110 countries, and contains extensive content which allows for deep analysis utilising financial statements, business segment content, industry metrics, hard-to-source footnote items and ratios, and statistics.

NEW! Worldwide Private Company Data

Designed with the transfer pricing practitioner in mind, the new Worldwide Private Company Database from ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing contains information on over two million privately-held companies worldwide usable for transfer pricing analysis. ONESOURCE company records also include company-specific business descriptions in multiple local languages, as well as in English where available. Records also include as-reported financials and standardised financial information.

Worldwide Intangibles Data

As the exclusive provider of ktMINE’s licensing and royalty rate data, ONESOURCE offers integrated access to nearly 100,000 license agreements and over 60,000 royalty rates globally across over 200 countries. Through this partnership we further demonstrate our commitment to being the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and transfer pricing professionals.

A smarter source for transfer pricing comparables

More transparency

The Worldwide Company Database from ONESOURCE has been specifically designed with the transfer pricing practitioner in mind. Delivering more transparency into the data you need and enabling you to perform your comparability analysis – accurately and defensibly.

Lower costs

Overpaying for your comparable company information, or restricted by your data provider’s pricing policies? Break free and get smarter. The Worldwide Public and Private Company Database from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing can help cut your compliance costs, while maximising results. One price for all data. No surcharges, additional fees, or exclusion.

Expert customer support

A team of over 20 transfer pricing economists with backgrounds in government, Big Four accounting firms, and in-house transfer pricing groups supports customers that access comparable company data through ONESOURCE. And, global customer support is available 24 hours a day, five business days per week.

When it comes to transfer pricing analysis, there’s now one source — a smarter source — that provides the depth and range of data for comparability analysis.

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