Transfer Pricing DocumenterAccess comparable databases and automate the transfer pricing documentation and benchmarking process

Take control of your company’s transfer pricing documentation and benchmarking analyses

Transfer pricing is one of the most important taxation issues for multinational corporations, especially in a post-BEPS world. Meeting global transfer pricing documentation requirements is becoming increasingly challenging for corporate tax professionals. More and more organisations are implementing technology solutions to automate and improve the efficiency of their transfer pricing process.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter is software designed for companies that are looking for an end-to-end software solution for their transfer pricing documentation and benchmarking obligations.

Create transfer pricing reports as part of a repeatable process and customise your report templates to suit country-specific documentation requirements.

Search global public and private comparable company databases with an intuitive, step-by-step approach.

Get up-to-date regulatory information on revenue authorities located around the world, including the IRS transfer pricing accounting regulations and the OECD Guidelines. Transfer Pricing Documenter helps you achieve global transfer pricing compliance.

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Simplify and automate the way you design and leverage transfer pricing documentation (2:12) 

Why use ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter?

BAutomatic import


Import existing templates and copy search criteria and functional information to save time on manual data entry.

Intuitive search capabilities

search capabilities

Scan multiple company databases at once, tab through company financials, and compare assessments for more accurate reporting.



Produce supporting documentation for global compliance, including an audit log to track the comparable search process.

Powerful reporting


Set up and organise reports that work for you, create custom line items or ratios, and analyse multiple data sets at once.

Central content library

content library

Store custom templates and content you've created in a central content library, to leverage across your reports.



Analyse comparable companies and transaction prices for benchmarking with a powerful transfer pricing database.

Transfer Pricing Documentation Special Report: Companies Prepare for More Stringent, Standardised Record Keeping

Explore potential changes to record-keeping requirements for large companies and a new tax filing requirement for all businesses affected by transfer pricing regulations.

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