Operational Transfer PricingTransfer pricing compliance made easier

Real-time transfer pricing monitoring

ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing is a ground breaking technology that makes it possible for you to actively manage transfer pricing volatility and boost your bottom line.

Gain an unprecedented level of control, transparency and reporting detail that will change the way you manage your end-to-end transfer pricing process. Seamlessly collect, validate and standardise your data in a centralised system regardless of source and location. No more waiting for months for analytical work to be completed. With ONESOURCE, transform your data into a format that you need to perform your transfer pricing analysis.

ONESOURCE redefines the standard for forecasting, planning and actively managing transfer pricing on a monthly/quarterly basis versus the traditional yearly process. ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing allows you to monitor and proactively respond to transfer pricing results well before your books close ensuring compliance, maximising efficiency and minimising risk.

ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing empowers you to:

  • Minimise risk of bloated or insufficient reserves
  • Reduce material true-ups
  • Reduce effective tax rate volatility
  • Avoid unanticipated year-end adjustments
  • Reduce double taxation
  • Optimise tax forecasting & planning
  • Reduce financial statement and tax risk
  • Fortify audit defence
  • Spend less time on manual tasks and more time on value-added activities


ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing from Thomson Reuters (3:21) Hear how Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE is revolutionising the way companies manage their transfer pricing process.
ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing at work for Ford Motor Company (2:28) Learn how Ford Motor Company transformed a multiple month process into a few hours.

Operationalising the Entire Transfer Pricing Process


Centralise and automate the collection and validation of system and non-system sourced data to enable fast and detailed access to transfer pricing information.


Quickly identify areas of risk. Perform ongoing review and analyses by creating detailed, automated reports using a flexible set of data rules.


Create a clear, automated and auditable workflow to alert team members of next steps, when approvals are needed and to ensure adherence to policy.


Proactively adjust prices, create invoices and perform true-ups throughout the year—thus reducing risk and out-of-period adjustments.


Plan an efficient tax structure using scenario analysis, forecasts in global tax regulations, entity structure, supply chain, and merger and acquisition activities.

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