Operational Transfer PricingAn innovative big data solution to analyse your intercompany transactions

Real-time transfer pricing analysis for businesses

Deliver accurate, consistent global tax reporting results with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing. With so much at stake — from lost deductions to double taxation and audits — it’s no wonder that operational transfer pricing is now considered a strategic issue by CFOs in most global companies. Our ground-breaking technology offers a seamless solution for collecting, validating, and standardising your data, giving you greater visibility and control. Use Operational Transfer Pricing to proactively manage intercompany prices and get a closer eye on your supply chain, as well as implement effective tax planning.

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Why use ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter?

Efficient automation


Apply your transfer pricing policies consistently, and process millions of records to produce a detailed analysis in minutes.

Functional P&L


Segment data to analyse transfer pricing profitability, including indirect cost allocation or understanding supply chain.

Powerful calculations


Compute intercompany fees, retroactive adjustments, and tangible price updates in order to hit policy targets by year end.

Flexible reporting


Create fully configurable reports that put the focus on each client’s major exposures and risks

Data management


Easily pull data from any source into the system, by using the UI, regular imports, or automating complex ETL processes.

Transparent tracking


Track specific record changes over time with audit trails, and trace final allocations back to source data.

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