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Whether you need advice on selecting a transfer pricing method, economic support for controversy, or software implementation and training, the expert team of Thomson Reuters professionals behind ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing is there to help in a way that works for your business. Our transfer pricing services team includes professionals with backgrounds in tax authorities, accounting firms, and in-house transfer pricing groups and whether your transfer pricing is managed in-house, outsourced, or in conjunction with advisors, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

Transfer pricing services for your business

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing services team provides and delivers value in the following transfer pricing services:

  • Planning.
  • Masterfile and country-specific documentation.
  • Economic benchmarking.
  • Analysis of cost sharing arrangements.
  • Intellectual properties analysis.
  • Analysis of intercompany loans and other financial transactions.
  • Transfer pricing risk assessment.
  • Economic support for controversy, audit defence and litigation.

Combine transfer pricing services and software for increased efficiency and effectiveness

Thomson Reuters offers an innovative program that combines ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing software and services into one seamless solution. With this cost-effective outsourcing alternative, our professionals will take you through our six-step managed outsourcing process, including:

  1. Developing a Work Plan
  2. Information Gathering
  3. Arm’s Length Analysis
  4. Client Project Review
  5. Project Completion
  6. Annual Update

The completed project is delivered with ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing software so that you can continue to manage and maintain your transfer pricing study on an ongoing basis. Transfer pricing services and software come with training and ongoing support.

Software training and advanced economic support services

If you prefer to manage transfer pricing in-house, the ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing services team offers on-site and video conference training to help with implementation and to get you started in the software. Additionally, Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE Advanced Economic Support Services team can provide the following services:

  • Advice on local documentation requirement.
  • Assist in the fact gathering process.
  • Review the functional analysis.
  • Advice on transfer pricing methods and PLIs to be used.
  • Advice on search strategy to verify alignment to a specific intercompany transaction.
  • Review final set of comparables companies.

No matter what size of organisation or level of experience, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has the flexible services options to help guide you through the complex world of transfer pricing.

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