Accountancy on demandOptimising the customer experience

What does disruption mean and what does survival look like?

The firms that will successfully navigate this challenge are those who are able to bring technology and people together into a streamlined process to better serve their clients. This special report looks at the challenges, competition and best practices which are important when working collaboratively with your clients.


People and technology: two sides of the same coin

Accountancy firms are used to dealing with challenges, firms need to be able to visualise and capture the benefits of technology and use this to take advantage for a better tomorrow.

The tailwinds of digital disruption

What are the driving forces behind these challenges and how can you use digital disruption to your advantage?


Best practice for practices

Although technology is developing at a quick pace, and solutions may be difficult to identify and even implement, it’s important to focus on how you can best serve or be of value to your customer.

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