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True Client and Staff Collaboration with Online Client Portals

Combined with the intuitive Thomson Reuters Onvio Documents, Thomson Reuters Onvio Client Centre gives you the latest in true client and staff collaboration. Think of Client Centre's secure online client portal as the hub for communication between your staff and clients.

Onvio Client Centre is entirely customisable, add your own logo and colour scheme so clients clicking through from your website have a great and consistent experience of your brand.

Onvio Client Centre fully integrates with the Digita Professional Suite helping you streamline your practice workflow offering more efficient and intuitive capabilities.

Our client portal software allows accountants to:

Electronic Document Approval

For accountants in practice e-signature functionality is a secure way to communicate, store and transfer sensitive information without worry of encountering any data protection legislation issues or suffering any ‘human error’ breaches of client confidentiality.

The electronic signature function is completely legal, compliant and has a full audit trail offering anytime, anywhere remote software access. This solution will save you time, administration costs and guarantees a completely professional, streamlined approach to business practice.

Through a straight forward and easy to use addition to Onvio Client Centre, e-signatures is a great add-on, developed for accountants as the ultimate system for security and client confidentiality.

Upload, store and approve documents online with high level security which only you and your client can view documents.


Secure Online Client Portal Solutions on the Go

Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Centre are also available in convenient mobile applications for you, your staff and your clients.

Onvio Client Centre and our online document storage solution Onvio Documentsare also available in convenient mobile applications for you, your staff and your clients.


Scan and upload

Quickly scan and upload multi-page documents with your mobile device's camera.

Scan and Upload


Take photos of source documents with your mobile device and enhance them in the app (flip, crop, de-skew, flatten, etc.) either automatically or manually.



Edit files in their native Microsoft® programs (for example, Excel®) while you're in the app.



Assist your customers with their questions, because you and your clients are viewing the same information in real time—even when you're in the mobile app.

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