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Training & Consulting
Get the Most from Your Investment

Our consulting offering is a great fit if you’re looking for implementation assistance, in-depth help with analysing your firm’s processes or getting an action plan to streamline your workflow. We offer both product-level and firm-level consulting to help you learn best practices, achieve the most effective software configuration, and more.

When you’re ready to implement Onvio – or even later once you’ve been using the Onvio products for a while – our consultants can guide you through the steps to a more efficient workflow and a faster realisation of return on your investment.

The Structured Implementation

We’re ready to provide you with the tools you need during one or all of the six typical phases of a product implementation.


Analyse business workflow

We’ll evaluate your current workflow, and analyse where additional efficiencies can be gained through the implementation of Onvio.


Documentation of workflow

We’ll document your firm process through the implementation of Onvio, highlighting the role Onvio will play.



We’ll work with you and your staff to make sure your data is converted safely and accurately from your current software to Onvio.



We’ll help you make sure Onvio is set up to work the way it makes sense for your firm to work.



We’ll help you figure out the right training plan for your entire firm, delivering the right training to the right staff.


Transition into daily use

We’ll be there to answer questions as you begin using your products on a daily basis.

Learn More

We can work with you remotely or onsite to achieve your goals, as well as provide recorded content that can help you meet your timetable.

For more information on the training and consulting options available to Thomson Reuters Onvio users, contact your account representative at 08450 180 904, contact us online.

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Onvio Video

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Onvio Product Brochure

Onvio Brochure

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