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Secrets of tech-first firms

Accountancy Practices, Accounting, Events May 4, 2018

According to the 2017 Thomson Reuters Technology Survey, choosing the right software comes top of the list of tech-related concerns for accountants in practice. So, how can you discern which will be the most beneficial for you? Can certain software help you attract and retain clients and staff?

Hear from our expert panel who provide unique insight into their technology strategy, as part of AccountingWEB’s Accounting Excellence Live. Our trio of experts includes ‘Queen of the apps’ Alex Falcon, CEO and Founder of Soaring Falcon Accountancy, Mike Hutchinson, Founder of The Peloton, and Olly Evans, Director at Evans & Partners.

The start of the tax year is good time of year to assess the tech-stack in your accountancy practice but, as Mike insists during the broadcast, this could (and should) be done at any time of year. Mike adds: “Technology gives them [clients] better information. Our role is to interpret the information that they get and we can find them better ways to solve [their problems]. The opportunity for me is the conversation that technology brings.”

What’s included in the broadcast?
Expect entertaining and insightful discussion from this trio of senior accountants who run hugely successful practices of their own. Highlights include:

  • Views on making the most of opportunities that can arise from big regulatory changes: “With any changes regulations like GDPR and MTD, there are always opportunities; without the technology I genuinely don’t know how some practices will submit [client data] on time.” Alex Falcon
  • Tips for implementing chargeable services such as mentoring and consultancy: “As accountants, we need to really understand what our niche is; how do we business and what kind of business do we want”. Olly Evans
  • Practical advice on engraining technology into certain everyday processes and how to rollout new software successfully.
  • In-depth discussion around their chosen mix of software, how they manage many vendors, what their clients say and what problems they’ve solved as a result.
  • Details on staff and client training on new apps while managing multiple subscriptions and login details.

Listen to the full broadcast to learn the secrets of tech-first firms, including insight into behind-the-scenes working of successful firms who are on the cutting edge of accountancy.