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Tax research: stressful or straightforward?

Accountancy Practices, Accounting, Tax July 6, 2018

When you need to look up tax information, what’s your go-to method of tax research? Perhaps you reach for the office core tax annuals and flick through them until you reach the right page? Or maybe you search online, keep numerous tabs open in your Internet browser and save them to your favourites bar in the hope you can find the right information again?

Referring to well-visited webpages and books marked with sticky notes might seem the norm, and might give you reliable answers eventually, but this method doesn’t give you instant access to truly reliable tax information which can easily be stored and retrieved.

An audience poll during our recent tax research webinar shows that, on average, accountants make up to twenty tax research queries every month. This number only increases during busy periods, such as January, when every hour counts and precious time can be saved when using the right tool.

As an accountant, you will always be looking for new ways to save time during tax season. You may think the only way to research complex tax regulations is to trawl the internet or flick through numerous pages of substantial core tax annuals.

Checkpoint offers a straightforward solution that minimises risk and can save you time each day – used either as a standalone online resource or accessed directly from Digita tax software. With all UK tax regulations, including personal tax, corporate tax and trust tax, Checkpoint contains tax current awareness and HMRC manuals.

Watch this short demonstration to discover how to:

  • Access and quickly search the comprehensive online library
  • Minimise risk by locating accurate answers via an audit trail
  • Save time with an option to bookmark search results
  • Set up automatic email alerts for updates to specific topics

“Checkpoint is a great product, which I have found to be extremely reliable. I particularly like the weekly news updates. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this solution to other practices looking for comprehensive research and guidance in all areas of tax.” Emily Collins, Director of Emily Collins Personal Tax Ltd. Read more

See it for yourself
To learn how to streamline your tax research process with Checkpoint, view our recent webinar. Access to Checkpoint starts from £15 per month for 2 users, paid annually. Prices may vary according to your tax research requirements – Contact us today for a quote tailored to your needs.