ONESOURCE Corporate Tax Software It’s beautiful, quick and simple.

ONESOURCE is the industry’s leading platform to account for your entire tax life cycle.

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The Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ platform allows you to save time, reduce errors and ensure consistency by leveraging your tax data across multiple applications. Here are the latest advancements ONESOURCE is making in tax technology.

ONESOURCEThe ONESOURCE platform is simple, connected and modern.

ONESOURCE is tax technology for the modern age. Discover user-friendly software that improves collaboration, simplifies your work and helps you stay on top of tax industry news.

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Tax ProvisionA simple and intuitive application to speed up your financial close

Gain unprecedented data clarity. Our market-leading, patented calculation engine and drilldown capabilities help you analyse data in seconds.

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Operational Transfer PricingAn innovative big data solution to analyse and monitor your intercompany transactions.

Centralise and standardise the management and implementation of your transfer pricing policy. With automation, you will be able to process and transform millions of records to produce tangible and intangible P&Ls in minutes, not weeks.

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Our Focus

ONESOURCE is there for every step of your tax journey, meeting each need of each stakeholder in your tax department with innovative, expert-backed solutions. You’ll be equipped with the intelligence, technology and expertise you need to find answers you can trust.

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