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Fast, accurate company tax returns

Demands around corporate tax compliance are increasingly complex in today’s changing environment. Common concerns relate to data integrity, data transparency, risk management and the requirement to respond rapidly to changing regulations from government authorities including IFRS and iXBRL. It is increasingly necessary to ensure adequate controls are in place to manage risk and avoid penalties.

Many organisations are finding their tax professionals are consumed by the manual aspects of the compliance process such as data collection and checking the computation is correctly prepared, rather than adding value to the business. In addition, maintaining up to date content and tracking key changes in the tax regime is increasingly arduous. Thomson Reuters can help you address all these issues with our ONESOURCE Corporate Tax solution.

Simplify the corporate tax compliance process

ONESOURCE Corporate Tax is designed by tax professionals, for tax professionals. Fully iXBRL compliant, ONESOURCE Corporate Tax facilitates the preparation and review of corporate tax returns and online filing. It is a comprehensive solution for the simplest to the most complex of tax computations.

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    Thomson Reuters also offers Corporation Tax Advanced for accounting firms, part of The Digita Professional Suite.
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ONESOURCE Corporate Tax includes many tools to speed up the tax reporting process such as automated source data collection from trial balance, spreadsheets and a simple wizard for e-filing. Throughout the reporting process the transparent logic allows you to see how all the results are derived, tracing numbers back to the source and giving you confidence that calculations are correct.

Corporation tax software that’s trusted around the world

ONESOURCE Corporate Tax is a multi-national solution used by hundreds of companies, large and small as well as major accountancy firms across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and South Africa as well as several countries in Asia.

Choose ONESOURCE for your company tax return

We take the stress out of keeping up with tax regulation changes through our team of tax specialists who constantly monitor the latest updates and ensure ONESOURCE Corporate Tax remains compliant.

Other key features include:

  • Complete audit trail, automatic error and consistency checking and transparent cross referencing between all schedules
  • Fully iXBRL compliant tax return and computation can be submitted in one easy step with our e-filing Wizard
  • Explanatory notes can be added to the data to help the reviewer and inform authorities in order to reduce review time
  • Group function provides an up-to-date view of the tax position for groups, and controls group relief and group payment allocations
  • Query data between preparers and reviewers to flag items for this year and for consideration in the following period
  • Built in legislative references and up to date tax content supported by tax professionals
  • Automatic rolling forward of information from prior year
  • Seamless integration with the ONESOURCE suite of solutions to save time re-keying data and ensuring accuracy
  • Thomson Reuters hosting can be used as a deployment option to reduce costs and increase security

Bring Corporate Tax Compliance In-House

ONESOURCE Corporate Tax allows companies of all sizes to manage their own tax reporting process, reducing the need to outsource to your tax advisors. As well as financial savings, you gain better control of your corporate tax compliance – improving risk management and increasing the efficiency and flexibility of your tax department.

Benefits include process consistency, enhanced risk management and an integrated approach facilitating data collection, data roll-forward and reporting. Using ONESOURCE Corporate Tax solution results in guaranteed accuracy, reducing risk and costs both today and in the future

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