Indirect Tax Compliance Automate processes in one simple application with VAT compliance software

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Cut through the complexity of indirect tax compliance with cutting-edge VAT software

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax Compliance provides a centralised, controlled environment for managing value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST) and other international transactional taxes. ONESOURCE integrates all processes and data, no matter the source or format. Legislative changes are tracked and updated in real time so you’re confident that you comply with regulations across the globe.

This easy-to-use VAT software offers a simple, modern and intuitive design that reduces adoption time so you can quickly begin working on your VAT compliance. This is cutting-edge technology, enhancing data transparency and streamlining indirect tax compliance processes.

Comprehensive GST and VAT compliance with data management and transparency

Regulations evolve and pop up each day, making researching tax rates and rule changes feel like a never-ending task. Add inconsistent manual work and fractured processes to the mix, and it’s easy to feel like you’re swimming in challenges. VAT compliance is simplified with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE.


The VAT software integrates data from multiple sources and organises it in a common, structured method with a consistent and repeatable process. Plus, the web-based user interface optimises productivity and teamwork.


Manage all indirect tax compliance pieces in one central repository. Gain greater visibility across the process and view real-time metrics and updates. Control and customise configuration with sort, filter and export functionalities.

Broad scope, local knowledge

An in-house SSAE 16 Type II and ISAE 3402-certified tax research process monitors legislative changes around the globe. In addition, automated support eliminates the need for complex, country-specific spreadsheets.

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The Role of Tax Technology in Today’s Complex Global Environment

In today’s world of regulatory complexity, growing globalisation, increased scrutiny, and internal pressures of “do more with less,” the importance of embracing technology couldn’t be greater. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax delivers an optimised user experience tailored to how today’s tax professionals work, streamlining the end-to-end process, from calculation to filing.

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VAT Compliance Case Study

Overcoming VAT Compliance Challenges

Adobe is one of the largest multinational software companies in the world. They operate amidst a constantly evolving global tax and e-commerce landscape. When the European Union’s tax jurisdictions changed for e-commerce companies, that meant Adobe would have to apply local value-added tax rates in the 28 European countries where Adobe’s customers were located. Adobe’s Global Indirect Tax team knew they had to develop a business case to move to a single, global platform for managing indirect tax compliance.

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