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The BEPS software of choice for country-by-country reporting and sustainable worldwide compliance process

The international tax world is in the midst of profound change. The guidelines set forth by the OECD to combat Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) have led to a new global tax reporting landscape. Reporting requirements, data volume, complex global requirements and heightened scrutiny mean it’s more important than ever to gain control and transparency.

Action 13, specifically country-by-country reporting (CbC) is the first of 15 Action items requiring attention. Action 13 is the foundation from which BEPS compliance begins. Implementing technology to manage data and working with an advisor to reduce risk is an integral part in achieving compliance.

BEPS will only continue to evolve. Is your organisation positioned to effectively meet global BEPS compliance and reporting requirements?

Why Choose ONESOURCE for BEPS Compliance?

BEPS Action Manager was developed to provide unparalleled value across three areas in response to the OECD’s BEPS framework:

BEPS Action Manager
PREPARATION: Integrated with up-to-date global BEPS research and content including local legislative rules, timings, and data requirements for CbC, Master File, and Local File specifically based on individual profiles. Users can take action in real time by having all BEPS research and related information in one solution.
EXECUTION: Transparent entity and financial data mapping means data points are traceable back to the source documents. Our BEPS compliance software responds to data inputs by automatically allocating tax structures and jurisdictional rules while providing quality control and override mechanisms to ensure CbC report development is precise. Users are free to focus on data integrity and tax strategy letting the software respond to current jurisdictional rules.
RISK MANAGEMENT: Insight into data ensures your transfer pricing story corresponds throughout CbC, Master File, and Local file reports. Our analytical framework predicts risk areas, supports value creation, and validates all three tiers of reporting. Tax becomes a centre of excellence that makes a positive impact on the entire organisation.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE BEPS Action Manager combines research, data management, entity charting, document storage, reporting and analytics in a single solution, enabling worldwide compliance and multidisciplinary collaboration for multinational enterprises in a post-BEPS era.

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